Crew Training

Belocean Crewing places utmost importance on training and skill development for seafarers and regularly conducts training courses at its own site and other locations, including on board vessels and at the Myanmar Maritime University(MMU) and Myanmar Excellent Stars Maritime Training Center. We have a dedicated pool of qualified and experienced instructors who provide training on a wide range of topics addressing the changing needs of the global maritime industry. With the help of advanced next generation training equipment, we have the capability of delivering all necessary skills to seafarers ranging from cadets to officers.

We believe in the process of continuous learning in a technology driven industry such as ours and we take adequate measures to ensure that our training facilities and programs conform to the expanding needs of the maritime sector. Keeping in tune with the STCW convention and Maritime Labour Convention, our safety training program constitutes the core of our company’s recruitment policy and our training practices have been replicated by several of our competitor agencies. We regularly carry out pre-boarding briefing and post-mission de-briefing as part of our training and HR process.

With thorough knowledge of statutory and industry training requirements, coupled with our proven competence and dedicated network of trainers, Belocean Crewing ensures its seafarers have the right skills for the job. All our training programs are tailored to provide seafarers with the skills and knowledge that can help them get the most out of their career. Through working with the leading ship managers and maritime institutions, we deliver the training and competencies required to maintain the safe and efficient operation of modern vessels and marine equipment.

Appraisals & competency

Performance appraisal and competency mapping is a critical component of our crewing and recruitment solutions because these help determine the right fit for available positions and seafarers. We have a fair and elaborate system of personnel appraisal based on employer feedback and our own assessments which are periodically updated based on competency, performance, training, grading, experience, service record and reputation. We frequently receive and process appraisals and confidential competency reports from our clients which are used as references for promotion, transfer and training requirements.

Efficient human resource mapping provides critical input to any successful shipping operation. At Belocean Crewing, we appreciate how vital this criterion is and go to considerable lengths to ensure proper vetting and selection of crew. We have developed standardized grids on performance and competence measurement that conform to the performance evaluation grids of several shipping majors so that our officers and crew are mission ready well before their job selection. We maintain an automated HR system to record personnel details, monitor document and certification status, assess performance and track career progress of all our crew personnel. Individual crew appraisal forms are updated periodically to ensure continuous monitoring of performance. All crew members are certificated as per the requirements of IMO, STCW and other international regulatory bodies.

Our appraisals and performance measurement system helps our clients address a number of critical HR issues, including competence, commitment, leadership, honesty, staff satisfaction, and these inputs are utilized to further improve operational efficiency. We regularly provide consulting to vessel owners and managers on

how to use our on-board performance indicators to foster long term commitment and loyalty among their officers and crew.

Career development

Belocean Crewing’s Career Center provides cadets, crew, officers and alumni with job placement support and training to ensure that they have the best opportunities in the market for their maritime career. One of the goals of this Career Center is to help alumni, graduating seniors and others in the maritime industry in their job search. We maintain a large database of available and future vacancies in different shipping companies and inform our applicants on how they can approach the recruiter for a position. We also conduct regular training sessions tailored for the emerging maritime job market so that applicants can earn the necessary qualifications according to industry demand. Our in-house training centre and large network help our crew and alumni to reach their career goals.

We have extensive experience of providing officers and crew for all types of vessels and we assist applicants in obtaining the necessary tests and licenses required for specific assignments. We also assist our crew in preparing and processing all travel documents (including tickets, visa, seaman’s passport etc.) necessary for travel abroad in connection with a work assignment. All our officers and ratings are required to obtain documents confirming to:

  • International IMO recognized certificates
  • Full compliance with all STCW95, ISM Code requirements
  • Valid GMDSS certificates for navigators.

Our experience and expertise in the maritime industry makes it possible to accurately assess the needs of both applicants and employers, and provide solutions tailored for the emerging needs of the market. Belocean Crewing places premium value on its people and regularly invests in their competency and personal development through its various training programs. Our commitment to maintain seafarers with a high level of competency is embedded within our business policy and processes.